Spooktacular Cake Balls

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend! In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make a spooky treat. This was my very first time making cake balls. If you have never made cake balls before, they were definitely quite the process. It was all worth it in the end! Stay tuned this upcoming week as I will be sharing more fall inspired recipes for the month of November.

Spooktacular Cake Balls

Yields: 25


1 box cake mix

1/2 cup frosting ( I used vanilla)

Sprinkles or any other edible decoration

2 bags of chocolate chips


Bake cake according to directions on box first. Once cake cools , scoop out cake from pan and place in a large mixing bowl. Add frosting to cake and stir. If cake is too dry, add more frosting. Stir until well combined. Take a cookie scooper or your hands and form about one inch cake balls. Place all cake balls on a tray and put in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. Melt chocolate chips in microwave. Dip cake balls in melted chocolate and place on a tray. Add sprinkles or any other decorations you are using. Once all your cake balls are dipped in chocolate and decorated, place in freezer for about 10 minutes. Take out cake balls and serve! Enjoy!

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